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Guru Certification Course:  An eight DVD set containing all the requirements for advancement to Guru Muda Level in both Malabar KunTao Silat and American KunTao Silat. The Basics, the Forms, the Personal Training methods and Partner Training methods are all included.  $200 Click here for more information.  

The New Legacy Series Sigung Steve left us with an exhaustive library of archival footage for the posterity of the progeny of American KunTao Silat.  If you ever wondered how Maha Guru Gartin became such a unique combination of fluidity, power and precision, this is the series for you!  Watch for new DVDs in this exciting series of never-before-published historical video footage and explanations of what you may have seen, but did not understand.


KunTao Silat Monkey:  An introduction to the many styles of monkey within the KunTao Silat system.  Sigung Phillip Sailas, one of the Three Original Disciples of Bapak Willem de Thouars, is featured.  He is joined by Sigung Steve Gartin, another of the Original Three Disciples, and Bapak Willem de Thouars to display a wide variety of monkey systems, forms and techniques.  Warning: this is NOT your friendly neighborhood monkey!  $40 
MartialDance ~ Kembaggan: a glimpse into the here-to-fore un-described training methods of Sigung Steve.  "A real stand out on this video {DVD} is the two knife kembangan performed by Steve Gartin. Startling as it is, it segues into an empty hand performance that spans Shaolin, hsingi, pakua, and a few silat styles".  BaPak Willem de Thouars gives an introduction and then performs two versions of Kembaggan and provides some in-depth information about the Kembaggan, its critical importance and some aspects of its applications. A real eye-opener!  Who'd a' thought? $40   

Steve in Santa Cruz:  is an in-depth presentation of American KunTao Silat basics including the first four stances with applications, Sticking Hand and Sticking Knife training methods. Since Steve's audience was primarily high-level practitioners of various kuntao and silat arts, application is the key focus.

This footage was originally released in the four DVD series entitled 1st Gathering of American Gurus. Now, Steve's teachings have been isolated into one DVD with Steve's own explanations over slow motion replays in order to relay deeper information on the actual training methods.

All Distance Learning Practitioners will find this DVD to be of great value on many levels. Practitioners of other kuntao and silat arts will also appreciate the information provided for both training and application 


Golden Demonstration: Sigung Steve Gartin, Guru Ted Garcia and GuruMuda Robb Snazza demonstrate the forms, training methods and applications of Malabar KunTao Silat at the Golden, Colorado Recreation Center as the introduction of Sigung Steve's classes there in 1995.  Lots of good stuff in this one ~ never before published material  $40   
Legacy Series {Set of 4 DVDs}  buy all four for only $100



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Introduction to KunTao Silat ~ Overview



Special Presentations for Dan Inosanto~ two DVD set:  The first DVD was filmed in 1994 and the second DVD was filmed in 2004.  Uncle Bill and his Senior Disciples present both a broad view of the Willem de Thouars Branch of the Family Arts and the specific Serak art as practiced and taught by Uncle Bill. A "must have" for any serious practitioner in the de Thouars Family arts. $60.00



Djurus Satu2000Djurus Satu is the seminal form of KunTao Silat. It can be practiced as an entire martial art; percussion, grappling, grasping, throws, weapons. It is a wonderful base on which to learn and practice any skill or any application.

Djurus Satu is the form from which most demonstrations of application are made. Much of it is derived from PPS Serak®, some Arabian sources, India and Chinese. The flow of the form melds one with the other seamlessly, and virtually any application can find it’s practice mechanism in Djurus Satu.

This video stands completely alone from the #2 Uncle Bill’s Backyard (archive set), and they are complementary without unduly repeating the same information. There are additional corrections, methods and styles of doing the forma, including a weapon in practice and the two tapes represent a good overview of the Djurus Satu.  $40.00



Heartless Monkey Knife:  Heartless Monkey Knife takes it’s name from Bill Chang’s description of the Ape Form; he is ‘wide-open, heartless and inviting’.

You are shown various sorts of knives and their characteristics discussed; sheathes and carry systems, grip styles, blade presentations, and practice methods.

There is a long section on wounds, first aid and body trauma by an EMT persilat; Steve Rollert.

There are lots of applications, footwork, hand positioning, body angulation and torquing. There are discussions of the combat mind-set, tactical considerations, and mental preparation.  $40.00



KunTao Silat Introduction: set of Four:  This set of DVDs provides a wide perspective of KunTao Silat and is perfect for those who are interested in a broad view of the basic level. Special price for set of all four DVD titles: Inosanto 1994, Inosanto 2004,  Djurus Satu & Heartless Monkey Knife - $120.00 Save $40.00



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Bapak Willem de Thouars Seminar series 



Entrances: This is one of those experiences with Uncle Bill that will have you shaking your head wondering why you didn't see all this simple stuff before.  The logical applications of kuntao and silat principles throughout the DVD will heave you inspired to investigate for yourself.  This seminar was held at a TKD school, so you'll notice the style-specific information and technical applications geared to the understanding of the students.  $40.00



Knife Fighting Seminars:  Two knife Seminars have been combined into this DVD. Uncle Bill demonstrates and teaches a broad range of knife related topics. You will learn the practice methods and technical applications of the KunTao Silat style of knife work unique to Uncle Bill.  $40.00



PoQua Zen:  Principles and applications, forms, drills and exercises in paqua as practiced on Indonesia. This presentation of paqua is derived from 'the formless art' and shows both large and small circle, monkey influenced technique and many applications suitable for any forma. $40.00



LegWork Seminar:  Footwork, kicks and leg applications, positioning and timing in kuntao silat legwork. This covers both offensive and defensive aspects of the leg; footwork and technical applications. $40.00



KunTao Seminar Set~ two DVD set  $60.00


Silat Seminar Set~ two DVD set  $60.00  


KunTao Silat Seminar  $40.00



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1st Generation American Gurus FOUR DVD SET Over eight hours of seminar instruction Featuring Sigung Steve Gartin, Master Janet Gee, Guru Rennie Saunders, Guru Mike Casto, Guru Kurtis Goodwin, Guru Joe Judt and Guru Vince Brown providing their own personal applications of the first five stances in the Guru Certification Course {Distance Learnning Program}  $100.00



11th Family Gathering $40.00



10th Family Gathering Showcasing the first 6 forms and applications of American KunTao Silat's Guru Certification Course {Distance Learning Program}

Featuring Uncle Bill ~ KnifeWork
Sigung Phillip Sailas - Monkey
Sigung Conrad Bui - Preying Mantis
Sigung Marcello Rainero - Black Tiger
Sigung Keith Moffatt - Knife Applications
Guro Mike Casto - Inosanto Stick Work



Chas & Steve's PracticeLeader Training Session:

What makes KunTao Silat work and how to make it work for you.  Chas and Steve delve into great detail concerning the specifics of application and AKTS combat technology.


Garden of the Gods: PracticeLeader Training Session

Training tips, forms and application are all covered in this scenic training session with Sigung Steve in Colorado.  $40.00



Practice Leader: Set of Two



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Heartless MonkeyKnife Series  {viewer review}   

Introduction to HeartLess Monkey Knife: A basic investigation into the bladecraft of both Silat and KunTao. Steve Gartin explains how the legwork and handwork integrates with the bladecraft at the foundational level. A great companion DVD for HeartLess Monkey Knife #1, #2 and #3 since it establishes the basic concepts in a clear and understandable manner. Filmed at 11,000 feet in the Colorado Rockies  $40.00



Heartless Monkey Knife Heartless Monkey Knife takes it’s name from Willem’s description of the Ape Form; he is ‘wide-open, heartless and inviting’.  You are shown various sorts of knives and their characteristics discussed; sheathes and carry systems, grip styles, blade presentations, and practice methods.  There is a long section on wounds, first aid and body trauma by an EMT persilat; Steve Rollert.  There are lots of applications, footwork, hand positioning, body angulation and torquing. There are discussions of the combat mind-set, tactical considerations, and mental preparation. $40.00



HeartLess Monkey Knife II# Maduran blade fighting: Uncle Bill
# Live Blade: Pak Victor
# Sticking hands: Steve Gartin
# Exotic weapons & Serak Djurus: Chas Clements
# and much more . . .



HeartLess Monkey Knife IIIUncle Bill teaches the esoteric Maduran BladeCraft to his in-house disciples during the 10th Annual Family Gathering, a special presentation for Dan Inosanto and inner circle Disciple class. BladeCraft at its best.  $40.00



 HeartLess MonkeyKnife Set of Four DVDs $100.00



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Pentjak Silat CiMande:  Uncle Bill conducts a seminar on the forms, legwork, handwork and the use of the knife in this rare pukulan pentjak silat system of CiMande. This is one of the more ancient arts of Indonesia and Uncle's style is as it was taught before WWII.   Unlike any cimande you may have seen before. The arts now practiced in Indonesia are markedly milder than they were before the modernization that came with "modern civilization."  $40.00



Serak® Djurus:  This is the first of the Instructional Series and a must-have for all serious KunTao Silat practitioners. The breadth and depth of kuntao and silat lore that Pak Chas Clements relates is staggering. You will see the first 8 Serak Djurus performed, demonstrated and elaborated upon like you have never seen before. Two hours  $40.00




Special Presentation for Dan Inosanto~ two DVD set:  The first DVD was filmed in 1994 and the second DVD was filmed in 2004.  Uncle Bill and his Senior Disciples present both a broad view of the Willem de Thouars Branch of the Family Arts and the specific Serak art as practiced and taught by Uncle Bill. A "must have" for any serious practitioner in the de Thouars Family arts. $60.00



Uncle Bill's Greatest Hits:  Special moments with Bapak Willem de Thouars. An unforgettable experience, getting to know one of the world's great martial treasures on one two hour DVD.

Deadly de Thouars Brothers:  Special seminars by Pak Victor de Thouars, Maha Guru Maurice de Thouars, Pendekar Paul de Thouars and Bapak Willem de Thouars. All four de Thouars Brothers on one two hour DVD.  Two DVD Set  $60.00


Offensive/Defensive Force Course:  Special police training against knife attack by Pak Victor de Thouars for the Greenwood Village Police Department and local Denver Area SWAT Teams and special operatives $40.00



Blades of Thunder: Produced by Victor de Thouars, featuring Jerry McClery and Steve Gartin.



Weapons of KunTao SilatAn introduction to the unique weapons of KunTao Silat and the historical perspective of the ancient arts from which they derived.  An in-depth analysis of the Kris, Karumpit and Kukuri. Additionally, you will learn the practice methods, training exercises, technical applications and knife lore surrounding the Indonesian martial arts. One hour & 50 minutes. $40.00



WuKung~Art of WarBapak Willem de Thouars and his inner circle disciples provide an insightful and inspiring look into the little known Chinese fighting arts; not to be confused with Wu Shu, Kung Fu or Gung Fu. Lots of old style Shaolin and Taoist training methods and applications from an Indonesian perspective on one two hour DVD. $40.00



Pai Yun ~ Shaolin Tiger:  Sigung Randall Goodwin, Sigung Chuck Stahman, Sigung Steve Gartin, Guru Ted Garcia and Sigung Keith Moffett demonstrate the wide variety of the Shaolin Tiger system of KunTao Silat.  $40.00



Archives: Primarily for the Guru Certification Course Practitioners

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Combat Cane:

The first video of techniques for the injured and disabled made by someone who shares the inconvenience. Many of the stick techniques are drawn from the practice of Kuntao Silat, a Dutch Indonesian martial art. We explore types of canes; both hooked and knobbed styles.  Which is the most suitable and efficient for you and why. This information will translate nicely to people in wheelchairs, on crutches, slow mobile without an aid- any of it. A system is presented for the proper sizing to the body to get the best mechanical advantage of the stick.

Efficient means of use, the various grips, the use of the different sections of the stick are reviewed in detail. Proper body alignment is essential for effective use of the stick both to walk and to fight. Targeting on the opponents body changes with the addition of a stick to your arsenal of technique. Various targets and the reasons for choosing them are discussed. $40.00


Betawi Muda Pak Chas Clements reveals his personal martial system, comprised of Serak, kuntao, silat and several Japanese and Chinese martial arts. $40.00


LegWork - Lankas: Malabar's flavor is distinctively "Indonesian" but draws its tools, training methods and tactics from many sources. Monkey style KunTao is found in all levels and most applications of Malabar. Preying Mantis KunTao hitting tools provide the Malabar practitioner with unusual attacks from unusual angles.  Tiger style KunTao permeates the Entry and Controlling aspects with a startling ferocity that establishes immediate superiority and total control of an assailant.  The tornado-like circularity of the Ancient Chinese PaKua as practiced in Indonesia lends an overwhelming barrage of hitting, tearing, twisting and mangling techniques to Malabar defenses.  Internal principles of Chinese Tai Chi and I Hsing ie are focused on combat, rather than health, although the basic health principles are applied in Daily Training.  The footwork, triangulation, and unique close-quarter hitting tools and the devastating bladework of Poekulan Pentjak Petjut Kilat Silat have been integrated into virtually all of the Technical Applications we present to you in this video. Combined, these elements have evolved into a fighting system designed to protect its Practitioner from skilled fighters, with or without weapons.   
HandWork - Djurus:  The hand stylings of Malabar KunTao Silat are generally taught separate to the legwork and to the footwork patterns. That allows the hand positioning to be keyed to any leg position and to any footwork pattern.

In olden days, the handwork patterns (called djurus) were taught while seated. That required the practitioner to find a belly support for any movement, and to compensate through the hips for movements of the arm.

This shows a number of forms and variations of practice, applications of the hand techniques and it’s translation to weapons usage. Each of the Systems and Styles from which Malabar has derived technique, training method, principle, or tool is honored by the Forms (Choreographed movements designed to ingrain "muscle memory" and skeletal alignment into a Practitioner's consciousness), which retain the ancient teachings of the Bapak Willem de Thouars lineage of the Dutch Indo/Chinese Family System of KunTao Silat de Thouars.
FireSide Chat:  Once available only to DistanceLearning Students and viewers of YouTube, this archival footage provides a clear view into the basics of KunTao Silat and how to inculcate those principles into your Martial LifeStyle.  Sigung Steve, then Guru Gartin (1995), speaks and performs from a very casual atmosphere, that belies the depth of information he is transmitting.  $30   
Karambit First level applications of Djurus Satu with karambit is shown by Sigung Steve Gartin and GuruMudas Aric Fowler and Trent Beach. $40.00


Lanka DuaAs Djuru Satu is the ‘blasting in’ form, Djuru Dua explores the circular and evasive actions of Sumatran/Javanese Silat. It is sometimes thought of as the feminine aspect of the Silat, as it does not confront with direct power, but evades, deflects and redirects the actions of the opponent. The Dua is especially useful for people lacking great strength and agility and makes use of subtle traps, unusual attacks and decoys. The Dua tape also includes more forceful applications that give a subtlety and sophistication to other more external arts.  The Form of Evasion ~ open hand, with stick & knife: Featuring Willem de Thouars, Sigungs Marcello Rainero, Conrad Bui & Steve Gartin.  $40.00



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