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The DVDs below contain additional information on the first two levels of both Malabar & American KunTao Silat.











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Although the Ten DVD set included with Registration provides all the necessary information required for advancement and certification in the system, many Distance Learning People have questions about some of the nuances and details of the first Three Levels, such as handwork and legwork that exceed the information provided in those initial DVDs.

For those People, we now offer auxiliary information in a Four DVD set that includes LegWork - Lankas (2 hours), HandWork - Djurus (2 hours), Introduction to HeartLess MonkeyKnife (1 hour) and the Golden Demonstration (1 hour) that go into much greater detail on the fundamentals of American KunTao Silat.

LegWork and HandWork were originally made for DistanceLearning People back in the 1990s but was packaged into the 4 DVD set entitled Introduction to KunTao Silat due to the demand for more information about KunTao Silat. We now place them where we feel they belong, now that the Distance Learning Program has evolved and a great many other DVDs provide that "overview" of the system that Sigung Steve has worked so hard to bring to the martial arts world.

LegWork - Lankas
: Malabar's flavor is distinctively "Indonesian" but draws its tools, training methods and tactics from many sources. Monkey style KunTao is found in all levels and most applications of Malabar. Preying Mantis KunTao hitting tools provide the Malabar practitioner with unusual attacks from unusual angles. Tiger style KunTao permeates the Entry and Controlling aspects with a startling ferocity that establishes immediate superiority and total control of an assailant. The tornado-like circularity of the Ancient Chinese PaKua as practiced in Indonesia lends an overwhelming barrage of hitting, tearing, twisting and mangling techniques to Malabar defenses. Internal principles of Chinese Tai Chi and I Hsing ie are focused on combat, rather than health, although the basic health principles are applied in Daily Training. The footwork, triangulation, and unique close-quarter hitting tools and the devastating bladework of Poekulan Pentjak Petjut Kilat Silat have been integrated into virtually all of the Technical Applications we present to you in this video. Combined, these elements have evolved into a fighting system designed to protect its Practitioner from skilled fighters, with or without weapons.

HandWork - Djurus: The hand stylings of Malabar KunTao Silat are generally taught separate to the legwork and to the footwork patterns. That allows the hand positioning to be keyed to any leg position and to any footwork pattern.

In olden days, the handwork patterns (called djurus) were taught while seated. That required the practitioner to find a belly support for any movement, and to compensate through the hips for movements of the arm.
This shows a number of forms and variations of practice, applications of the hand techniques and it�s translation to weapons usage. Each of the Systems and Styles from which Malabar has derived technique, training method, principle, or tool is honored by the Forms (Choreographed movements designed to ingrain "muscle memory" and skeletal alignment into a Practitioner's consciousness), which retain the ancient teachings of the Bapak Willem de Thouars lineage of the Dutch Indo/Chinese Family System of KunTao Silat de Thouars.

Introduction to HeartLess Monkey Knife: A basic investigation into the bladecraft of both Silat and KunTao. Steve Gartin explains how the legwork and handwork integrates with the bladecraft at the foundational level. A great companion DVD for HeartLess Monkey Knife #1, #2 and #3 since it establishes the basic concepts in a clear and understandable manner. This DVD was originally the number one video in a series for Paladin Press that never came to fruit. Because of its foundational information and clarity of instruction, we place it here as Number 2 in the Distance Learning Course amplified informational DVDs. Filmed at 11,000 feet in the Colorado Rockies

 Golden Demonstration: Sigung Steve Gartin, Guru Ted Garcia and GuruMuda Robb Snazza demonstrate the forms, training methods and applications of Malabar KunTao Silat, Sigung Steve's First Personal System, at the Golden, Colorado Recreation Center as the introduction of Sigung Steve's classes there in 1995. Lots of good stuff in this one ~ never before published material.

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