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The DVDs below contain additional information on Levels Three and Four in both Malabar & American KunTao Silat.











Guru Course #3: $100.00




Although the Ten DVD set included with Registration provides all the necessary information required for advancement and certification in the system, many Distance Learning People have questions about some of the nuances and details of the forms that exceed the information provided in those initial DVDs.

that includes Chas & Steve's Practice Leader Session and Garden of the Gods to put the pieces together and help prepare for your Practice Leader aspect of the program. Pak Chas is a great source for key information and Sigung Steve's low-key, high energy approach to teaching the esoteric martial lifestyle of American KunTao Silat comes through loud and clear.

As everyone knows, "there is no Silat without the knife" and the Karambit is the trademark of the silat arts, so the DVD "Karambit" is also included.

This set also provides Lanka Dua and Lanka Monjet in one DVD.

In all, this 4 DVD set augments the information contained in the GuruCourse Set of Ten DVDs with the details thoughtful practitioners oft-times ask.� Although this set is also available to the public, Distance Learning People receive a 50% discount if they are registered) so the amount of information provided surely constitutes one of the "deals of the Century."

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