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The DVDs below contain additional information on the Malabar portion of the Guru Certification Course from Level Four up to Practitioner/Guru Muda Level.











Guru Course #4: $100.00



These DVD's provides in-depth information of the Tiger and Dragon forms as well at the martial blade-craft for which American KunTao Silat is world renowned.

Pai Yun ~ Shaolin Tiger: Sigung Randall Goodwin, Sigung Chuck Stahman, Sigung Steve Gartin, Guru Ted Garcia and Sigung Keith Moffett demonstrate the wide variety of the Shaolin Tiger system of KunTao Silat.

WuKung~Art of War: Bapak Willem de Thouars and his inner circle disciples provide an insightful and inspiring look into the little known Chinese fighting arts; not to be confused with Wu Shu, Kung Fu or Gung Fu. Lots of old style Shaolin and Taoist training methods and applications from an Indonesian perspective on one two hour DVD.

Weapons of KunTao Silat: An in-depth analysis of the Kris, Karumpit and Kukuri. Additionally, you will learn the practice methods, training exercises, technical applications and knife lore surrounding the Indonesian martial arts. One hour & 50 minutes.

Knife Seminars: Two knife Seminars have been combined into this DVD. Uncle Bill demonstrates and teaches a broad range of knife related topics. You will learn the practice methods and technical applications of the KunTao Silat style of knife work unique to Uncle Bill.

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