Chas Clements' Cane Combat for Cripples
The first video of techniques for the injured and disabled made by someone who shares the inconvenience. Many of the stick techniques are drawn from the practice of Kuntao Silat, a Dutch Indonesian martial art.

Visit Chas Clements WebSiteWe explore types of canes; both hooked and knobbed styles.  Which is the most suitable and efficient for you and why. This information will translate nicely to people in wheelchairs, on crutches, slow mobile without an aid- any of it.

A system is presented for the proper sizing to the body to get the best mechanical advantage of the stick.

Efficient means of use, the various grips, the use of the different sections of the stick are reviewed in detail.

Proper body alignment is essential for effective use of the stick both to walk and to fight.

Targeting on the opponents body changes with the addition of a stick to your arsenal of technique. Various targets and the reasons for choosing them are discussed.

Combat Cane The distancing from the opponent adjusts when you have a stick and limited mobility- learn how to control various distances and what applications and stick mechanics work best at different combative intervals. This information is suitable for the blind, wheelchair bound or other disabled conditions.

Forms for practice are shown throughout the video with suggestions on how to modify them for your own particular usage.

Techniques and Applications for all martial styles and self defense can be adapted for the cane. I show how this is done, what to watch out for and how to make up your own solo practice. The practice is suitable for women and children, the aged and many disabilities.

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