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Steve Gartin 


Derric Haskell:  American Kuntao Silat in Atlanta   guru@kuntaosilat.com

Aric Fowler: Denver, Colorado

Guru Mudas:

Timothy Nichols: Denver, Colorado

Joe Judt: Chicago Area  - American KunTao Silat  773-439-9828

Vince Brown: San Francisco Bay Area - American KunTao Silat

Jeff Fargo - NW Suburbs Chicago (Elgin/Schaumberg)

Practice Leaders:

Brian Haskell  : American Kun Tao Silat- Charlotte, North Carolina

Danny Joines: Tenessee

Kuntao Silat deThouars Practice Group Forming in NW Chicago

Since our Guru Joe Judt moved his Kuntao Silat classes from Chicago proper out to Plainfield Illinois, a few of us have started training during the week in Rosemont, IL. The group leader, Jeff Fargo, is a certified practice leader in the system and can show you plenty of Kuntao.

We are looking for serious, dedicated students to join us. We usually meet on Wednesdays from 5:30 - 7pm and are looking for a space indoors to train as the summer wanes. The space will most likely be around Cumberland and the Kennedy in Rosemont. The cost, when that happens, will just be to cover rent. Of course, you will be able attend Saturday classes with Guru Joe out in Plainfield as well - we are doing this because Plainfield is too far to make the Tues and Thursday classes.

The Kuntao Silat we study is from Willem deThouars, by way of Guru Steve Gartin and Guru Joe Judt. Guru Joe is a very insightful, methodical teacher of KS and Jeff (the practice leader) a diligent, detail-oriented student who can definitely get your Silat practice going.

We would prefer people with some martial arts experience - most of us come from years of studying other systems. Jeff studied Jun Fan/JKD for years, and I was a brown belt in Hwarangdo and a Shidokan kickboxer before we found Guru Joe. Kuntao Silat is VERY different from the more common martial arts taught - it would just help to know the basic mechanics of stances and breakfalls etc.

Discussion Groups:

General discussion:  www.kuntaosilat.org/forum

LongDistance Students:  KunTaoSilat@yahoo.groups.com


Advancements 2012

Tim Nichols: Guru Muda


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With grace to our Indonesian martial mentors:

U. Un Surya: GrandMaster, Ming Po

GrandMaster Thio Tjoan Oen

Home, with God, at rest.  Praise YHVH for his time with us.

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Willem de Thouars
Bapak, KunTao Silat de Thouars

KunLun Pai & RatuDuri Silat

                                                                                        Pendekar, Serak® Silat   Paul de Thouars Paul de Thouars

Pak Victor de Thouars:

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American KunTao Silat is derived from the teachings of our beloved Indonesian Elder Brothers.  We have had the grace and honor of receiving training on a Cigar Dalem (Inner-Circle) level from some of the finest Dutch Indonesian teachers in America today.  We acknowledge the great gifts of martial understanding they have given freely to us.  May YHVH always guide and protect them,

In sincere appreciation,

Steve Gartin - American KunTao Silat

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